Proof that the “just one more” mentality really adds up. These pretty pictures hail from Havana, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Arizona, Colorado and Rhode Island.

Postcards are bought and sent on the honor system. These days, you can buy Grand Canyon souvenirs miles away from the park, so travel relics aren’t proof you’ve actually been somewhere.

I try to only buy postcards of places I’ve been or seen first-hand, but sometimes I cave for a really pretty picture. It’s tough, though, to master the art of Postcard Sending. Even in the age of Twitter, it’s challenging for someone as verbose as me to fit a thoughtful message in the space of about half an index card.

So I’ve created a new postage-free travel blog, CloosVentures, which I hope to actually update more than once a century.  It’s one of those things I’ve talked about for ages, but in a typical Cloos move, I’ve only sat down to work to avoid a greater task: Postcarding.

If you’re feeling the lack of postcards and want to feel special, sign up for email updates and it’ll be just like you’re getting an e-postcard when I write more stuff, complete with pretty pictures.

Right now I’m in Colorado Springs, Colorado, working as a local news intern for The Gazette. I’m always looking for new places to explore, so holler at me if there’s a place you think I should visit.



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