Dance students tap world-renowned Gene Medler for talent

Video by Kassondra Cloos and Natalie Dupuis

In order, speakers (first appearance only) are:

Sophomore Daniel Bevins
Gene Medler
Senior Michael Callahan
Sophomore Alyssa McAnany

Gene Medler is a world-renowned dancer who teaches tap at Elon University. He originally got into tap when he had to take a class to be a character in a movie, and has loved the art of dance ever since. Even though he thought it would be a hobby, his interest in tap evolved into a passion. Now, after having performed with dancers Elon students read about in their textbooks, Medler says he gets his satisfaction from passing on the love of his craft to his students.

Dance and theater majors who are in Medler’s advanced tap class are energized by his enthusiasm and say it is a privilege and an honor to study under him. Daniel Bevins, for example, a sophomore music theater major, said he grew up knowing about Medler because he took lessons from instructors whom Medler taught years ago.


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